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The Montreal United Nations Conference is excited to be a member of Canadian Model United Nations (CMUN), Canada's Premier Model United Nations Circuit. CMUN is an initative started by members of the MUNC 2017 Secretariat, with the goal of connecting Model UN delegates from across Canada. Read the official CMUN statement from Jonathan Sasson, Secretary-General of MUNC 2017 and President of CMUN.

Greetings from the President

Dear Friends,

It is with great pleasure that I announce to you the launch of Canadian Model United Nations (CMUN). Canada is home to dozens of Model UN delegations and conferences across the country, with thousands of Canadian students taking part in these simulations annually. At CMUN, we created a platform to list all the conferences and delegations in Canada, increasing their visibility among delegates and students. Our goal is to connect Model UN participants in Canada by creating a community that will strengthen the Canadian circuit.

Each of you can join CMUN. Our community is open to all. Being a member provides you with exclusive access to all the latest news and content on the Canadian circuit. Over the course of the upcoming Model UN season, we will be working to enlarge our organizational structure to include representatives of participating conferences and delegations in the decision-making process at CMUN to more effectively reflect the Canadian Model UN community.

Furthermore, we are excited to be introducing our Ambassador program. Each of you can become an Ambassador of CMUN. Being an Ambassador gives you the opportunity of representing the shared values of Canadian diplomacy and promoting them at participating conferences and select events on the Canadian circuit. It is part of our commitment of building a strong community and connecting delegates from across Canada.

Next, at each participating conference, the Canadian delegation that best represents the values of Canadian diplomacy will be awarded the Canadian Model United Nations Diplomacy Award to recognize them for their outstanding work in advancing cooperation and resolution in the global issues at stake. 

Starting today, here is what you can do at CMUN: 

  1. Become a member;
  2. Join the team of Ambassadors;
  3. Add your conference to the calendar; and, 
  4. Add your delegation.

Our team is composed of skilled and talented individuals that have participated at several Model UN conferences in Canada, including Canadian International Model United Nations (CANIMUN), John Abbott College Model United Nations (JACMUN), Marianopolis Model United Nations (MariMUN), McGill’s Model United Nations Assembly (McMUN), Montreal United Nations Conference (MUNC), North American Model United Nations (NAMUN), Secondary Schools United Nations Symposium (SSUNS) and Vanier College Model United Nations (VMUN). They were additionally part of the team at Dawson College that brought Harvard World Model United Nations 2017 (WorldMUN) to Montreal.  

I invite you to join CMUN and become part of our growing community as we work together to create a strong and unified Canadian circuit, promoting and advancing educational objectives that will benefit our youth and provide them with the leadership tools to bring about positive change in today’s world.

With encouragement,

Jonathan Sasson
President & Founder